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I know I can delete comment replies when the comment is on someone else's site, but I'm not sure what to do when someone comments on my site. If I delete it in the Inbox, does it remain attached to my journal entry? I don't want to remove comments on the journal or make DW think I'm regularly deleting someone's comments because they are offensive. On the other hand I would like to keep my inbox uncluttered.
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 Does anyone know how to do it??
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 The Reception Desk was created a few years ago when we had some major disruptions on LJ.  Seems as though that is a theme we've seen played out too often.  What we do is benign, unless you are in the camp that considers imagination and creativity and a love of good looking guys in suits something to be feared or maligned.  We just like to read and write about the Man from UNCLE.
So, may it isn't a big huge some kind of deal.  But what if it is?  Don't we proceed with caution and hopefully a measure of wisdom?
That's why we're on Dreamwidth, to take advantage of what appears to be a safe harbor in what is, unfortunately, some murky waters that are patrolled by people we may not want to meet.
No, just cautious.
Some of us have worked pretty hard to create these communities, and protecting the integrity of the content is a responsibility I think should be taken seriously.
And so, here we are in the waiting room, hoping for the best but prepared for what might come down the pike.
Questions? Answers? Feel free to lodge all of it here in Reception.
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Since so many of us are new to this fandom thing as regards conventions and awards, etc..., and a few people have inquired about it, I thought it might be useful to know that anyone can nominate a writer for the FanQ Awards.  They're part and parcel of fandom, it seems, and since no one else posted any info about the process I thought I'd add to the news feed concerning this event.  Some writers here at LJ have received nominations, so kudos to them and their fans.
If you're interested in it, here's the site at
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 Is anyone else having difficult with LJ today?  I'm wondering if it has anything to do with Boston, seeing now that there is a Russian connection.  I know it's far fetched, but I had to ask.

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 Does anyone know about putting links in the sidebar, like we had on LJ?  I miss that and haven't investigated designing pages here.  Perhaps someone knows how to do that stuff before I go into a dizzying search for knowledge of the unexplored regions here.  Also, the photo situation is annoying.
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Which I assumed will be useful.

Need any more?
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 st_crispins posted this yesterday, and it is a guide to all things DW.  Hopefully this will aid many of us in our wanderings.  I hope the day is going well, it's another opportunity to expand our horizons, as it were.  We are, after all, related to an international organization; we might as well branch out a bit.
Carry on.

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 Okay, here it is, the reception area where directions can be found for the maze that is DW.  If you have a question you can post it here and hopefully someone will have an answer.  
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